Dear Dr. C Wong, I am writing this letter to inform you that my bladder problem has improved greatly. My wetness at night is at a minimum and some morning I am completely dry. This is due to the exercise and acupuncture treatments. I receive twice a week. Also, I had to give up drinking coffee. When not at therapy, I do the exercises I learned at Physical Therapy at home everyday. Following your instructions in all matters has helped me a great deal. Your Patient, Marie

"TLC Rehabilitation Physical Therapy, P.C. is a wonderful program to help all problems regarding pain in the back and all other parts of the body. Especially when Tai Chi is taught in a pool makes it easier on the body to exercise. The water helps you from strain and you go with the flow. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn Tai Chi and exercise."
-Yvonne Macauley

"I have learned from Tai Chi how to protect myself from a possible harmful attack. Tai Chi improved the flexibility of my entire body, especially the joints. It enhanced the mind to body harmony, and by doing so, reduced my daily stress level. It has improved my balance and strengthened my muscles. I feel much more relaxed, and not as painful, after doing aquatic Tai Chi."
-Lorraine Naimo

"Last month I had a total knee replacement. Since, I have done 2 weeks of water therapy and stretching exercises. I feel like a new person. Chris Wong and his staff are very knowledgeable and caring. My walking has improved greatly, my surgeon is very impressed with the therapy I’m getting here. Couldn’t be more satisfied."
-Julie Depaolo

"My experience with Tai Chi is very rewarding. The combination of both movement and breathing has proven to be both relaxing and energizing at the same time. It is an art which should be experienced by everyone."
-Grace Bottalico

"I am so thankful for the pool therapy provided by TLC! A person- like me- with lower back problems and osteoarthritis can get a good workout in the pool without overstressing joints. It’s not only beneficiary- it’s enjoyable! And enjoyment is a major factor in effectiveness of physical therapy and the ongoing maintenance of good physical health"
-Faith Dugan