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Tips on Increasing Your Activity Level and Managing Fatigue


Know your energy level: How much energy do you have on a typical day? Understanding one’s limits is the best way to maximize your energy. The key to feeling well on most days is to make sure your activity level does not exceed your energy level. Know what depletes your energy: How do you avoid the energy zappers? Many people experience increased vestibular symptoms when they are exposed to a lot of stimulation, for example being around in a crowded/loud environments, mall, ceiling fans, passing cars, venetian blinds, etc. There are some activities that aren’t worth zapping your energy, try to find an alternative way to accomplish them. How to conserve energy: Plan your day/week well –Planning your activities is a key to staying within your energy level. “ Pushing through” each day beyond your energy level will likely overwhelm you and lead to increased symptoms with longer recovery times. Determine the best time of the day to complete activities. Schedule activities in the part of the day that you feel your strongest. How to restore energy: Pull back when you’ve overdone it. Going to a very challenging/unusual event requires special planning. Never plan an activity for which you do not have an exit plan. If you have been recommended to do vestibular exercises, try to complete them at least 3-5 times weekly to increase your tolerances and endurance. Alternatives therapies, such as acupuncture may reduce stress levels and even improve vestibular symptoms. People with vestibular disorders often become more dependent on their eyes for balance. Make sure to have to have eyes checked regularly. Keep a diary for a month and document activity level and energy level each day.