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KNEE REPLACEMENT- NOT ME!! But after consultations with several orthopedic doctors and months of pain, I knew it had to be done. On December 14, 2011, I had surgery at Beth Israel Hospital in NYC and subsequent rehab at Clove Lake Rehabilitation for approximately one month. Prior to surgery I had researched several facilities to go to for outside Physical Therapy. A good friend recommended TLC Clove Lake Physical Therapy and Dr. Toa Chris Wong. Soon after being discharged from Clove Lake Rehabilitation, it took too much time for in home P/T to get started and I called TLC for a consultation. It took place the following day and I met with Dr. Toa Chris Wong who assured me I would be up and running within a few weeks. Being a ‘doubting Thomas’ I said “we will see”. Since then I have been doing Physical Therapy three times a week at the facility. As of this writing, I have had 9 treatments and am now walking with a cane (the walker is collecting loose clothing in another room at home); riding the bike and doing the elyptical machine in addition to other therapy. It was difficult in the beginning but Dr. Toa Chris Wong and his staffs have been next to me with their ‘positive’ attitude that I COULD do it. Physical Therapy is the most important part of your healing and as painful as it may be in the beginning, after a short time the exercises make you feel strong and healthy within a good attitude that you will get better if you work at it. I am glad that I chose TLC Clove Lake Physical Therapy and thank all who are there for me and their encouragement. Rita Osowiecki